temperature & humidity mapping

Today there is an ever-growing concern by consumers and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for product safety. 

In order to meet these safety expectations, the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries are placing a great deal of attention on insuring proper environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity are maintained during product manufacturing, storage and even transportation.

Temperature / humidity profiling and routine monitoring are ways that manufactures can demonstrate environmental control and provide cost effective insurance that product is consistently stored within specified temperature and humidity ranges.

Mikhak offers a variety of customized solutions for all of your temperature and humidity profiling needs. By utilizing the latest technology and a system of 21 CFR Part 11 compliant wireless data loggers, we are capable of profiling everything from reach-in / walk-in freezers and coolers to large-scale warehouses ranging from –45 ° C to 140 ° C and 20% to 85% relative humidity.

In addition to profiling product storage areas, Mikhak can also provide solutions for a wide range of applications including the profiling and validation of incubators, water baths, stability chambers and autoclaves.

Our controls engineers can also apply their expertise in the design and implementation of routine monitoring systems and HVAC control.